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Vision entrepreunariale

Baron Marcel BICH often said:“Business is like an international regatta”.


“Between a boat in the race and the company engaged in the economic regatta, the elements and situations are indeed strictly comparable!


Can we find a more disturbing similarity between the crew of a boat and the organizational chart of the Company, a more surprising identity between the constant concern to prepare, to sharpen the tool, boat or company, in order to make it ever more efficient by adapting it, another curious coincidence, to the weather conditions for
one and economic circumstances for the other, always with a single goal, a single desire for all: WIN! »

The AFCA 12 MJI FRANCE Association, created in 1966 by Marcel BICH, wishes to continue to uphold the values dear to the Baron: competition, sharing and transmission.


To win, quality and reliable partners are essential. Meet us, we will convince you to become our partner. And a little more.


Marcel Bich - AFCA-1966
Le Sponsoring

SPONSORSHIP : Let's take to the sea together!

AFCA 1966 - Photo credit Sarah Varlet
AFCA 1966 - Photo credit Sarah Varlet
AFCA 1966

Notoriety & visibility of your brand

“France” will race in the main nautical events in the Mediterranean basin.
Through communication on our social networks, marking on our equipment and on our boat, we offer increased visibility of your brand to the general public.

Offer unique visibility to your brand

An exceptional internal and external communication lever

Organization of Team Building, navigation on board “France”, participation in specific events, AFCA offers you the possibility of implementing strong and unforgettable individual and collective motivational actions.

Use AFCA “France” as elements of your communication strategy thanks to:

* VIP customer outings(with your 

commercial or institutional partners)

* The organization of regattas corporate

* Available at the dock or while sailing.

INCREASED VISIBILITY : Through “France”, a historic sailboat, enjoy unique visibility via the AFCA sporting course in the Mediterranean of international prestige and visibility.

LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT : Managing a sailboat in a regatta is like managing a business. The manager, like the skipper, manages his team and values it with a common objective of “succeeding”: Commitment, Method, Precision and Discipline are the motto of the crew.

A COHESIVE TEAM : “France” offers you an original field with supervision of international competitors where individual and collective motivation are highlighted to achieve a common objective, by promoting essential qualities in a company: decision-making, listening, commitment, adaptation.


Le Mécénat


AFCA 1966

AFCA 12 MJI France is a 1901 law association recognized as being of general interest under articles 200-1b and 238 bis 1a of the General Tax Code and authorized to issue tax receipts for donations received.



  • Get involved with us to preserve and transmit a unique maritime heritage.

  • Share positive values of competition, sharing and intergenerational transmission.

  • Mobilize your company's civic responsibility and involve your employees in unifying action

  • Access advantageous taxation for your business.


  • You financially support the implementation of our projects

  • You respond to a need in kind for the association in products and/or materials necessary for its proper functioning,

  • You allow your employees to use their know-how and skills to help AFCA 12 MJI France.

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